20 мыслей о “NAIROBI to MOMBASA ??(Kenya travel day)

  1. Njoro Njoroge сказал:

    you noticed that the plane was almost empty? people travel by train. It's very cheap and enjoyable in trains because you will have an opportunity to watch wildlife such as elephants in Tsavo national park during the 4 hrs journey (500km distance). The trains are new and the rail is raised above the ground, so you will have a fantastic view while travelling. Travelling in planes will be very costly in empty planes because you know they have to incur for fuel and all the services. Welcome to Kenya. However, if you are in a hurry you can take a plane

  2. The Black Pearl сказал:

    I am a Tanzanian, and Kenyans are like our Rival cousins? we love them, they love us and we are rivals. Having said that I would like to ask WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT VISIT NAIROBI CITY CENTRE??? Its full of fancy buildings, flyovers, clean streets etc. Why only show a dull looking part of Nairobi? I was not pleased

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