9 мыслей о “my scotland adventure. my babies are back home !


    hello kelly, just popped by to wish you a happy new year, also i have been friends with a lovely lady called Georgia for few years, who has just popped by to give me a lovely Bottle of wine, fantastic !, she came to stay on our smallholding(micro holding more like) for a couple of months a few summers back, she needed a change of scenery, any way we was talking about remote islands in scotland and then i mentioned someone i know on youtube used to live on one, then she said she knows you and has done for many many years (small world) . she says hello, she is doing very well and is keeping warm, safe and happy. i dont want to go into too much detail as you know, have a great year and Take care.

  2. Paula сказал:

    Kelly I would like to wish you the VERY best for 2019, the fur babies are reunited, you are looking great. Take the greatest care of yourself. Have you got snow. Hugs, love, light and peace.

  3. Link Chalon сказал:

    I listened to this 3 times and did not hear you mention hauntings. Where in this video did you mention hauntings? Other than the part where you said you don't want to talk about the house you are in right now. I love to hear stories about hauntings. Forget Halifax, sounds like that was a depressing, crazy place with all the nutters outside your old place.

    P. S. Nevermind, I heard it right now in the first 8 seconds of your video. My ears must be haunted.

  4. Richard сказал:

    Funny you should mention hauntings.I recently 'got' the name of someone who'd drowned in a remote bay.You'd love that place.Great views.Lots of 'hiding places' up there.Concealment for caravans,etc.Free anchorages for those of us with yachts.Far fewer sheeple buzzing around. x

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