my scotland adventure. Is this the end of my youtube channel?

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I am back in Scotland and this time I think its going to last a while longer than last time. I just wish youtube wasn’t culling the smaller channels, but life goes on.

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  1. AvalonDreaming сказал:

    Oh no! I haven't gotten a message like this. I can't believe it. Horrible. I think it's so unfair to regular people. That's what I loved about YouTube. It gave EVERYONE a voice in the world. Please support free speech for everyone. Subscribe to all small channels you come across. I have heard that 1000 is the magic subscriber count number. P.S. Good luck to you and Paul

  2. The Blundering Galoot сказал:

    Best wishes for you and Paul, continue being honest and open, show appreciation for each other with the "little" things in life and, if you really love them, learn to tolerate the irritations that come with them too !! Mrs P has been putting up with me for over 20yrs and for that, I am truly grateful, a lucky man and a better person for it. Take care you crazy, lovely lady x

  3. Kim Ann Harper сказал:

    I am so so sorry this is happening, and YouTube you should be ashamed of yourself!!!! We have watched this lady though her journey, now you are snatching her away from us!!! I for one will miss you very much Kelly. If we don't see you again I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. X

  4. Rosalind Nazilli сказал:

    Oh no. I am really sad at the thought of not keeping up with you… you always lift my spirits.. I know you can post vids on Instagram if you have it.. let us know if you have Facebook.. I wish you and Paul all the luck and happiness you deserve and have earned. Take care of yourself… I will truly miss you if this is it xxxxx

  5. alanesq сказал:

    I am pretty sure the Youtube thing is a false alarm, but it might be worth creating yourself an account with (I wonder if Youtube will let me post this link here – lol) and let us have a link to it, so if your account on Youtube did get removed you can just start uploading your videos there instead and we will all know where to find you 🙂
    You could also upload the videos you have recently downloaded from Youtube so you have a backup of them online.

  6. Paula сказал:

    Kelly, so pleased you are where you wish to be 🙂 how exciting. I wish you, Paul, doggies, your family peace, love, happiness and health. Thank You for sharing ALL you have, the highs the lows its been one hell of an adventure. You have enriched my experience with YouTube, more than you could possibly know, you've inspired me to try harder 🙂 I only watch small channel tubers due to honest, straightforward real life experiences. Possibly "vimeo" or bitchute is a place you might continue to document your adventures. If you would like I'd happily give my email-so when you are sat in your smallholding you could drop me a line couple times a year, before you feed your chickens. No pressure, I wouldnt be offended. Wishing you the very best life can bring. Be bold, be brave, be well, be beautiful you. Live long and prosper! Kindest regards and warmest hugs from me and my family..xx

  7. Christine Mckay сказал:

    How are new channels supposed to get off the ground, you dont start off with a million viewers! It's crazy ? I like the smaller channels better as well, bad news. Best of luck to you and hope to see your videos on Facebook, Instagram etc xx

  8. Denise Christie сказал:

    Kelly ,Thank you so much for your channel and i am sad that you will be unable to continue thanks to youtube
    I wish you and Paul and the doggies all good fortune and happiness in your happy place.For what its worth i have good feelings that this time you are going to make it happen and your dreams will become a reality!!! XXX

  9. Richard сказал:

    What's your tow vehicle? Wish you'd got footage of the journey up – night-driving to Scotland feels like escaping Auschwitz especially if you're coming from the yuppified South-East ie full of Waitrose 'shadow people'.Hope Paul's well.

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