6 мыслей о “my scotland adventure. ground hog day in father ted

  1. The McNeills on Wheels сказал:

    Hi Kelly,
    Glad to hear you’re sleeping well and getting some access to money in these strange times.

    Despite enjoying reading about the odd conspiracy theory myself, be careful that you don’t end up falling too far down the ‘rabbit hole’.

    Take care,

  2. Kim Ann Harper сказал:

    Hi Kelly, I'm so glad you came on Tonight, I was worried about you. X I am glad you are still there, I don't know if you are subscribed to Travel trolls, but they got locked down in Ireland and had to take refuge on top of a mountain, until the local news papers found out, now they are on a campsite, check them out. Stay well and stay vlogging as usual, I for one enjoy them all. Kisses to your babies ???

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