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  1. beag chic сказал:

    Sincere apologies, I'm afraid I put the cart before the horse. I have now started to watch your blog clips from the beginning and discovered you pretty much started off in a caravan so will know all about generators , freezers and the like. Really enjoying your clips and you remind me of me and how I felt moving into the Lochgoilhead area way back in 1983 and was adamant I would never move back to the rat race but I did after 25 years living in Argyll

  2. beag chic сказал:

    Hope you don't mind me giving you some advice if you are planning on staying throughout the year, I lived in the area for many years before returning to the rat race (long story). As you previously mentioned about the single track roads there, in the summer, be extra careful on them as you will be swarmed with holidaymakers and will still drive like they are on the M8, they don't have the 'mental awareness' of reading the road like you have now.If you get your own place in the Goil, try and invest in these (mainly for wintertime), a large freezer to stock up and a petrol generator, just in case you have a power cut (which can last for days)

  3. beag chic сказал:

    Hi, hope you are still enjoying the area if you are still there, the gunfire is usually from army exercises that are periodically conducted in the surrounding hills, I know the house that you mention and if you walked along there, you will see a gated drive to the right leading up to it and you are right, it is large. If you continue along that 'road', as you say, there is a dead end but there is a footpath for hikers that leads to a place called Ardentinny which is south of Dunoon

  4. Joel Weidenfeld сказал:

    You made a lot of videos detailing your situations. From homelessness to living in ratty apartments to your car to a tent.. So what's the picture now?? Is it You live in that house you showed in the snow and work nearby ? Doing what?? I don't know what job you do because you change a lot and are always taking about leaving a job and moving etc , and what's your future scene to do better ?? Maybe a short version time line story from beginning where you got fed up till now would be good.

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