4 мысли о “my scotland adventure. 5 months living in a remote scottish village

  1. Denise Christie сказал:

    Glad to see you happier and more settled…..I agree with Bry ,why not ask your employers if they can suggest a more permanant home ? surely they wont want to lose you…it might be worth a try ? Anyway good luck and good wishes for you and your fur babies x

  2. The Ramblings of Bry сказал:

    You do seem nicely settled there, more so than in the past. Could you not ask at work if they know of somewhere you can live permanently, they might be able to push a few buttons. I think you should stay as long as possible, maybe forever…it suits you, and there is a peace to your inner soul. Busy will be good, days rush by, and in your mind you will know that a quiet period is just around the corner…..Shame Kirsty couldn't make it, she will one day. Be well

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