My Hair Cut in North Korea (Super cheap)

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40 мыслей о “My Hair Cut in North Korea (Super cheap)

  1. 100th Monkey сказал:

    Maybe you didn't realize it, but citizens are only allowed one of the approved haircuts. Nobody is allowed to be unique, except Kim Jong Un, who always has a wild haircut. He's the only one allowed to me an individual. I'm surprised you didn't know this. Just like you didn't know the children were calling you "white devil". Im starting to get the feeling you white washed this trip.

  2. Chad Whisnant сказал:

    North Korea is the strangest country in the world. You are under constant surveillance. Who has a magnificent 30-story hotel with like ten guests staying in it at the time? Even the Chinese with their expendable income are afraid to visit that country. They should hold the Winter Olympics there and expose the real N Korea. There's no way they could babysit that many people at one time, and there's no way the power would keep running. It wouldn't surprise me if that hotel actually only has about 100 guest rooms with furniture, bathroom, etc. What they allow you to see looks fantastic. Such a strange place.

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