My First Day in Manila | Travel Deeper Philippines (Ep 1)

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Arriving in Manila, Philippines to start a three month adventure around The Philippines! I met up with a local Filipino friend and explored the capital city of metro …

49 мыслей о “My First Day in Manila | Travel Deeper Philippines (Ep 1)

  1. Alan Maghanoy сказал:

    You must love the temperature, the traffic jam, and the crowd in Manila but the point is, the experience is amazing meeting with Filipino people. Have fun not only in Manila but also in the other part like in Visayas area. Enjoy!

  2. Genaline Cabije сказал:

    I'm quite surprised to hear how you've summarized the History of Fort Santiago. I doubt if I could do that the same way you did. I've been there twice but I've been oriented on the heroic works of Dr. Jose Rizal and his writings, not much on the role of the fort during WWII. GREAT JOB!

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