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  1. nexttsar сказал:

    Being from such a neutral country as N.Z., people are more likely to be nice to you. It would be harder as an American, I think, esp. in Lebanon, a beautiful country with such a sad past and now under the control of Hezbollah, a group of terrorists. Israel is not a threat to Lebanon.

  2. Global Citizen сказал:

    You're doing a GREAT job Nick! Great act, great messages and great explore! I envy you not confining yourself to a 9 to 5 job! I am one of those getting too frustrated of routines and would absolutely love to live my life the way you're living it!

  3. jack Astley сказал:

    Hi Nick hope you and y'all are feeling and doing well , I and everybody else who follow you or know of you on youtube , We all luv you and what you do also we know how down to earth you are and the fact you are bringing us all together and that is a rare gift to have and carry , But we all luv you for who you are and what you are doing gl and tc also Thank you n stay safe Nick : ) from ya boy in the uk Jack

  4. Eugenia Herkamto сказал:

    By the way I love every time you ended the video with "Good afternoon, good evening, good morning" to me it does make sense because people are watching your video from different time zones………
    Thanks for such nice ending words…….

  5. wet cake сказал:

    My unsolicited financial advice: make sure you are saving part of your income for retirement (more travel). Learn about compounding interest, it only works when you start putting money away early. Keep up the great work Nick!

  6. james warfield сказал:

    Wow great video as always. I have enjoyed traveling through your eyes. The way you travel is how I like to travel, away from the major tourist. When I was in the Air Force I was able to travel over most of Europe and live in places like Turkey. Turkey will always very special to me, the people there are so warm and compassionate. The sights and amazing. I was able to travel to Israel as well. The bottom line as you said, stop listening to the media and go and see for one's self if one can. I lived in Turkey right after the military took over, the media at home was denouncing it as well as many other western medias in Europe, what I found was the media was not telling the whole story. I am sure others will have their opinions, yet when talking to people across Turkey they were happy, and explained to me why the military did what it did and how they didn't really have problem. I was in Turkey also when the military slowly begin to transfer power and freedom back to people, like I said, there is always more to a story.
    Sorry for writing so long, I am 64 now I don't get to travel as much as I used to. I wish the whole world could travel and meet others. Through my travels I have come to believe we have to stop trying to make the world all the same, what I mean, there is nothing wrong with Nations having pride and Nationalism. It would be shame to lose the culture of many of these countries. In my 20's I realized that each country should be allowed to make it's own destiny and not be dictated by the world. Yes there are some countries that people aren't free in, I would love to see those people gain their freedom like NK, however just their freedom, not try to make them be westernized or Americanized or Europenized ( Westernized)

    Again thanks I wish you well, and keep you in prayers for safety in your travels



  7. gcjerryusc сказал:

    I really liked your comment about life's regrets as I often find myself saying to myself-If I hadn't done so and so then……….but you are right. You have helped me to look at it differently. If I hadn't done some things I regret, then I wouldn't be where I am today. I met the love of my life and married her.??

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