Mumbai Travel Guide

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Our Mumbai Travel Guide! Easily our most beautiful episode so far… Want to arrive in Mumbai ready to chat? Then check out our friends at italki and buy one …

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  1. Attaché сказал:

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  2. J Pathak сказал:

    My wife and I traveled to Mumbai back in January of 2016 and truly enjoyed our stay. Wife was fascinated by the smell, sound and the friendliness of people in the big city. She wanted our visas extended, but we there on business and time was limited.

  3. Rohan Jawale сказал:

    I've never been to my birth city Mumbai in 7 years. I'm planning to go this summer but I'm not sure because of the whole coronavirus thing. I hope it goes away soon because I miss Mumbai SO MUCH! When I see Mumbai travel video, I sometimes cry!
    Posting from Pennsylvania, U.S

  4. Mahesh Shirke сказал:

    @alex… Excellent video…. A lot of research has gone into making this video. I was surprised on hearing points you mentioned about peak hour timings, not stand near doors during rush hours, not take autos that crowd around you. These are tips which we locals follow. Cheers mate.

  5. Vinodkrishna Vinodkrishna сказал:

    Mumbai is the most dirtiest place in the world. Even though IAM an Indian… Narrow big hole roads.. Dirtiest auto rickshaw drivers.. Only name hindu. No. 1 cheaters… Frauds auto drivers… Roads full dirty…. Never I will go mumbai… Mumbai 99 percentage people cheaters…. This is my travel experience… Iam an Indian..

  6. Billy Y сказал:

    Hated Mumbai, avoid this city. There's nothing worth seeing and you'll only end up losimg faith in humanity. The people are the worse, everybody from their grandma down wants to rip you off or scam you. It's the first time I've cut my travels short to leave the country. Only good thing about India is the food and low prices

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