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47 мыслей о “Mumbai, INDIA – CRAZY First IMPRESSIONS! ??

  1. Joshua Smith сказал:

    Such a contrast, when compared with Pakistan. In Mumbai, Peter went about his business and only a few people even noticed. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, within a handful of minutes, a crowd of people were surrounding him

  2. ram сказал:

    Is there no bullkcart in Pakistan. Why u r showing India in a bad light and Pakistan in a high place. India is very advanced than Pakistan. Do u say I. America there is no beggers

  3. Cartoons network сказал:

    omg i was thinking that india is must be beautiful from pakistan .but whats that man ..omg …how can they breath …omg ….and i think its india main city mumbi ….why these people trying to not change man ..look at a police man .and his behavoir to hit a man ……remember my coment is not for hate …i was really thinking that india must be beautiful …but ..whats that man .

  4. Dj Sahil сказал:

    15:08 Haat mai leke paay .wtf guys ?this is our guest plz keep do not repeat this type of language in front of camera.he don't know what about u tell him in ur language but his video watch all over world.what should they thinking about Indian people?plz guys stop this.
    Pakistan is better than india for mehman plz keep watch his other videos.look pakistani people what type behave on foreign people

  5. I iqbal сказал:

    If any1 visiting India, please visit, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Himachal pradesh . Please avoid visiting Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. You got to be careful with ur stuff soon as u arrived in delhi, kolkata or mumbai

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