MOST DANGEROUS Part of Johannesburg, South Africa

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47 мыслей о “MOST DANGEROUS Part of Johannesburg, South Africa

  1. Steve Mellor сказал:

    I had some wonderful times living near Johannesburg . Friday nights thumbing a lift in to Hillbrow and meeting up various others . Cloud 9 Disco was a regular haunt . And countless other Bars and Disco,s . Yes Hillbrow was the place to go in those days .

  2. Raymond Glad сказал:

    Your comment that the disparity is because of South African past is total propaganda you made to believe in. The poverty is lack of education and carefree attitude and total incompetence of current rulers. Look at Singapore if they are full of excuses.

  3. Adventures Unknown сказал:

    Indigo Traveller ! You are the BOMB ! – WE have a Adventure Travel TV Show in Canada ! and Just Started our Channel ! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SHOW THE WORLD our province of Newfoundland ! you welcome to be our guest any time ! take care be safe ! love your channel man!

  4. Bobcat Sykes сказал:

    I don’t want to be racist but, if you want to stay out of discrimination, always respect local laws, learn some skills and work hard. People may not judge a man by skin color, but they will judge a man by behavior. Most people in Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and Thailand are not white, but these countries was much safer. South Africa is far from the poorest country in the world, white South Africa may be horrible, but SA today is not Nelson Mandela wants either.

  5. Charity M сказал:

    “He’ll show me the good, the bad and the ugly”. It’s a shame you only focused on the bad/ugly. Not once did you mention/show the beauty of its people and their different cultures. And there are so many other beautiful places. I wish you incorporated that in.

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