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After a long three days travel I leave Casablanca and head to Marrakech by train, I was really surprised with how nice the train system is here in Morocco.

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    We have just hit 2000 subscribers!! I am blown away by all of your support, thank you everyone so much, I am only here because of you. Sorry for the late upload guys, I was out of internet service for a while. Thank you for watching, hope you're all well. Let me know your thoughts of this video below, I love reading and answering all of your comments! Nick.

  2. otmane Guide сказал:

    You can see the Spanish influence!!!
    That's totally wrong bro…if you go to the south of Spain all what you will see is the Moroccan influence …morocco has filled Spain for 800 years and built and left entire cities and lot of unisco monuments ..
    I ve heard that a lot : the Spanish influence it's wrong, ignorant and unfair

  3. REDA Tourisme сказал:

    If you arrive by train: You may be approached by a lovely man on the train who's uncle or dad is a good guide or perhaps he starts telling you that you shouldn't go to the hotel you have booked for some reason or another; please be careful. These 'helpful' people are in business and may try to steer you into someone's hand either for you to stay at another hotel where they will receive a tip for bringing you to the place, or perhaps to go shopping at a particular shop and where they are able to get an under the table commission or cut on whatever you might buy. Unfortunately, this happens every day on the train.

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