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Montreal – A stunning Canadian metropolis combining old-world architecture with modern dashes. Start planning a trip of your own after checking out the best …

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  1. 권선제일교회코디네이터 JR Rhee сказал:

    과거 몇년동안 EBS-1TV '세계테마기행'과 에어캐나다등 항공사 웹사이트를 많이 연구하고 블로그와 구글 이미지를 면밀히 읽어봤는데 내후년 초여름에 방송될 'EBS장학퀴즈 1200회특집-세계인장학퀴즈 시즌1' 유치유력도시와 차회 2026년 북미연합 FIFA월드컵 개최도시로 각광받고 있는 캐나다 몬트리올시의 전통과 역사, 지역의 문화특색을 많이 읽어볼 수 있다는 사실도 전세계의 여행전문블로거와 온라인특별기자들도 완벽한 칭찬을 남길 겁니다. 저도 내년 가을에 6명 단체로 활용해서 이 도시를 여핼가볼 계획입니다!

  2. YaowBucketHEAD сказал:

    I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and genuinely wish I could immigrate to Canada, specifically Montreal.

    I think it's required that I have to learn French though. I can dabble in Japanese and speak Spanish, but I just can't learn French. My 32 year old brain can't comprehend it.

    I look forward to visiting next year though. It seems like a beautiful city with beautiful citizens with so much to do.

  3. Laila S сказал:

    I'm Canadian and I really want to move there but i'm scared since I only know the basics of french. Je parle et comprende un peu mais je n'est pas fluent :(. i want to learn more but i worry it will be difficult to live there as i've heard most people will only speak french and do not like to speak english? if anyone knows more about living there without much french please let me know how it is!

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