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Thanks a lot Turkish Airlines… Thank you for watching #VLOG 103! As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of this video. Cheers, Nick My social …


  1. Kevin Chow сказал:

    I was stuck in Istanbul for 2 days because of the plane accident on the Istanbul airport runway that happened on Jan 7. Pegasus (a low-cost Turkish airline) put us up in some nice hotels with free meals provided. One guy even got to stay at Hyatt and he said it was very nice. Maybe it's the Turkish way to pacify their extremely angry customers?

  2. Yara E сказал:

    If you made a right at the road by the mosque, it leads to a beautiful hidden garden. It's absolutely breathtaking and with a lot of hills, so really nice for sitting and people watching. 🙂

  3. hayesman76 сказал:

    You do have a rather snotty self-centered side (don’t we all?) which isn’t very becoming for a “public” (at least on YouTube) person. I haven’t watched the above video yet and have a feeling that there’s way more to the video than just your bitching about a missed flight (at least I hope there is.) IMO you should’ve titled this video with something a bit more positive and less whiny.

  4. Ayhan Caputlu сказал:

    I am from Istanbul and I have to tell you!. You have not seen anything in your short layover trip. By the way, no one told you about 1,500 years old Hagia Sophia. You walked by it, and you did not even notice. Next time, you should plan staying at least for one week. You will be amazed!

  5. Justin Davis сказал:

    Turkish airlines has good service. Unfortunately I was scammed pretty bad in Istanbul on my first and only day there. There are lots guys there who target foreigners and take them to over priced bars. If some friendly guy who says he's from Cyprus and wants to hang out don't go with him to a bar. Nothing bad happened but my wallet got quite a bit lighter. It's too bad my experience was ruined there.

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