MINSK, BELARUS ??(Unbelievable!) русские субтитры

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Minsk is a refreshingly beautiful and clean city. Come with me as I walk around, show you the sights, and meet some of the locals. -SUPPORT CHANNEL: …

49 мыслей о “MINSK, BELARUS ??(Unbelievable!) русские субтитры

  1. dominic k сказал:

    I like your video's and it is funny when you said it's a mystery to you when you see all these modern buildings and modern life while normal people just earning 400-500 euro a month and this is fascinating because i notice the same thing when i travelled to Former communist countries.
    I Always wonder how people can afford a new car , we know rich people over there driving their big SUV's but i mean the normal people driving a new Opel Zafira or a Toyota Avensis and that's a mystery also these big new appartment blocks will cost Western prices and so you wonder how people can afford these things.
    In Ukraine, Kazakstan,Belarus and all these other countries you see modern cities and you will find out that somehow things are getting better for their people,the most fasinating things is the Russian tourist.
    In my country (the Netherlands) people Always say that Russian's are poor and that in Russia it is just Putin and a clan of oliarch's living the good life but it is a fact that you see everywhere around the world Russian tourist these days,from Mexico to Spain and from Egypte to Thailand and these are not the oliarch's no these are normal Russian working class people so i don't think they are doing so bad,Things in Russia are getting better just like in many Central Asian countries.

  2. Salsaman34 сказал:

    The avarage salary is about 200$ per month according to locals! But the government announces it to be around 500$, which is not true! Otherwise, the people is there just great and Minsk is truly beautiful!

  3. Сергей Болтрукевич сказал:

    Really cool video about my city, it's better then our people can make. Thanks a lot for it. I will show it for my foreign friends. From other side we can see better then from selfpoint of see.
    Local people not smile and usually speak – all is bad, but we're really live in one of the cleanest and safety city it the world.

    Thank you very match, Peter

  4. Simon Naylor сказал:

    Really nice video of Minsk Peter. It's really useful that you can use a platform like YouTube to show people first hand experience of what a city like Minsk is like. It's really a shame that in the media in the UK and USA etc… that places like Belarus and othesr get de-humanised and generally people believe these places are hell holes on earth. When clearly your video shows what the city is really like and how open and friendly they really are and all the interesting places to see in the city are. I think I'd like to visit Minsk myself now after watching the video. Good job.

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