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Watch as an American from San Francisco with limited Russian/Ukrainian language skills moves in with a local family near the Sea of Azov in Ukraine, …

Одна мысль о “MEETING UKRAINIAN FAMILY (#2) ??

  1. Neyber TO сказал:

    I don’t understand how did u came from us and talk and communicate with so many people and make new friends. I’m from there but live in USA but idek how u make so many friends and connections there

  2. Yulia Shylo сказал:

    wow! this channel is definitely the best recommendation YouTube has ever offered me. those short films (couldn’t call it just videos) of yours are so genuine, it even brought me back to my childhood at grandma’s house. thanks x

  3. Allan Davies сказал:

    This is my 4th viewing of your videos,and they are growing on me.The first three were on Iran which I found enlightening. This one has increased my interest for what you are doing. And I was glad that you found support from such a warm and welcoming family there in the Ukraine. I appreciate how hard it is when you loose your language . Thank you for sharing !

  4. A S сказал:

    только сейчас смотрю и это видео, подписка неделю назад сделал, интересно тоже так поехать на 2-3 недели в Америку и познать англ.язык, минимум есть как думаю у большинства, но сколько же денег на это нужно даже не представляю, для простого украинца? …:)

  5. bryanshamrock83 сказал:

    thank you for these videos. I went to Odessa years ago now, my translator didn't meet me and I didn't learn any Russian before I went. I met a young lady that saved my trip and guided me during my visit. there is something amazing I left behind when I came home and your videos have been very heartwarming

  6. Виктор Костин сказал:

    I was lying today, as usual, watched YUTUB and saw one video. I already have a good experience in people and bloggers on this and am writing this message, which is more specifically intended for Peter. Peter, you're a smart man and a man. Your videos are filled with love and the full disclosure of the soul of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Watching in one breath now your all videos. In the end, always crying. Of course, I subscribed to you. I miss people like you as bloggers, plus you can see what a sensitive and kind person you are. I should not have written to you, but I will write: my people are really kind, but do not forget that we also have mercenary people. Be alert and wish you to be happy. I am from Kiev by the way 🙂

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