MEETING A GUARD IN ETHIOPIA (Amazing experience)

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33 мысли о “MEETING A GUARD IN ETHIOPIA (Amazing experience)

  1. Yi go сказал:

    Ethiopia the future tourist destination for the world the virgin land the water tower of africa the first human body find the place call hadra in afar when you go to the south amazing wild animals parks abaya2and chamo rivers from the north old churches the chian mountains at last great food the yummy youmy if you are vegan hmmm the right place bless ethiopia the proud of africa

  2. Gerasimos сказал:

    I'm seriously thinking of travelling solo to Ethiopia.

    I just wonder how does it feel and how safe is it walking around these roads,being the only white guy?
    It looks really different and unique but i just wonder how the locals in such areas react to tourists

  3. nahlah Suleyman сказал:

    As an Ethiopian citizen, Im so proud of you for Choosing My beloved Country as a discovery of your trip. I Believe, You descoverd only one part of Ethiopian city of Gonder. Howervere, Ethiopia has so many citys that hasn't been discoverd by many Tourists in the past. No matter what, i Give you much respect and Love for doing what you did this blogs about my country Ethiopia. thank you so much.

  4. quadpumped34 сказал:

    that "big ass assault rifle" is an AK-47, looks like. Some very scenic views and awesome mountain cliffs right there, but a generally dangerous area for tourists I guess ,thats why a guard escorts you all the way. You're doing some crazy travel stuff, dude. Cheers.

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