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Vlog #26. I decided to do some urban exploring on my skateboard and ended up having a very interesting adventure. Another thought provoking day in …


  1. zack p сказал:

    Smuggling opium into cambodia is fucking retarded, you can just go to any pharmacy and they will sell you oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl whatever you want over the counter. I saw one guy buy purdue brand oxycontin 40mg for like $6 a pill

  2. shaun ashley сказал:

    Hello from Louisiana! Love your videos! in the past few years i've been getting deeper in to traveling and your videos keep that fire burning so keep up the awesome work! Next year i will be taking a 2 month hiatus from work to do a southeast asia trip. Motorbiking from Hanoi to HCMC being top priority. What I've planned so far for the first month was to arrive in Phuket-Bangkok-Chiang Mai/Rai then the slow boat through to Laos, then on to Sapa-Hanoi spending my 2nd month motorbiking Vietnam. Then depart back for the US from HCMC. Would you suggest this be a good route and time frame or should i adjust? If so, i'd love some suggestions. I've always wanted to see Cambodia, so i'm also curious as to how I could work that in or just return to visit next time. Anyway, thanks for all of your content! Hope to see you on the road someday!

  3. Scott Evans сказал:

    Hey man, great video! I was wondering how you secure all your great footage on these journeys. Cloud with tons of storage? I've hit some of the countries you've travelled and think it's great to have a lot of raw video to put together but would be petrified if
    I lost the laptop it's backed up on. Any advice?

  4. cyrus2728 сказал:

    only downside for this is i hate ur sk8board gte urself a good nineties board like a ron chapman or a lance mountain it would be much easier for vlogging,oh and get some nice pacer trucks for stabilty

  5. Tim Lowry сказал:

    Man this brings back so many memories. My gf and I did the exact same journey as you, Ho chi Minh, Phnom Penh and then Siam Reap before finally finishing in Bangkok. We went last November and I can still remember all the smells. You must have gone past the street of my hotel like 4 times in this clip. Keep on doing what you are doing your videos are excellent.

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