Malta Travel Guide

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  1. Sarah Milner сказал:

    really not finding the new style as uselfull as your videos used to be. no tourist info. no flight info. no general costings. not very helpful for someone wanting to go there. its more like a history channel now! the old style videos were a million times better

  2. Drone Girl сказал:

    Malta is well worth a visit, fabulous place, take a boat trip cross to their little islands the best view ever! I recommend this hotel, as far as I remember there is a swimming pool on top of the roof 🙂 I stayed there part of my work travels! 🙂

  3. Ryan Grech сказал:

    Great video, but it contains some minor mistakes.
    – Arabic occupation lasted from 870 till 1090/91. Hence it was not a period of 800 years. (To be fair we previously were very close to our North African neighbours though. Noting Carthaginian rule for example).
    – The famous Crystal Palace, or as we refer to it 'Is-Serkin', is not located in Mdina, but exactly outside of the inland city. It is located at Rabat.

    Thanks again for the video.
    Cheers. 🙂

  4. Chris Grillo сказал:

    during summer in Malta, one can live the nightlife up to 6am without any problems, and sleep the days away….. swimming bays are plentiful, and people are very friendly… of course, there are always bad eggs in every basket, but in the greatest majority, we are great.

  5. Ram Tom сказал:

    Just came back from six days/five nights trip to Malta. The cruise around Malta and Comino from Sliema was fascinating (booked at the hotel). Tried the powerboat for a short, thrilling experience (€15, sold by staff on the cruise, it's worth it). Valetta's gate is grand! Medina was THE huge disappointment. I didn't experience the 'silence' nor feel the history it's supposed to offer. I think it's due to the fact that there are many residents living within those walls and this means there are many cars (parked cars as well as incoming and outgoing). Hence, I felt I am trespassing and more conscious to give respect to the residents instead of the historic city. Lots of cafés/restaurants. Best time to visit is probably either at dawn or twilight. Air Malta does not offer complimentary drink or snack, everything is paid for. Better buy something before boarding. Also, it's system is not 'in sync' with their website, so if you purchase a seat online or make any amendments, make sure you bring a printed copy of the email confirmation and receipt (or have it ready in your inbox). This is going to be useful in your return, too. Much better than trying to explain to the staff the inconsistency. Eticket- confirmation goes to a third party where you need to register before you can have access. Not sure with other hotels, but the 4 star hotel we stayed in (Hotel Cavalieri) didn't offer any complimentary drinks upon arrival. Also, only shampoo, shower gel and bar soap were provided. No hair conditioner. €2 for a 500ml bottle of water. So better buy water outside before checking in the hotel. A pool towel requires €10 deposit, which is not a problem as it is refunded in the end. Overall, do visit Malta. The food and people are great.

  6. A. Hakan Ozcan сказал:

    It looks like amalgamation of Grenada city and Barcelona city center of Spain. Maltese meals are as expensive as Milanese Italian restaurant prices, Barcelona high class restaurant prices, Swedish restaurant prices, due to that reason, I was always hungry and lenient on all you can eat breakfast at 4 star hotels in Malta those I stayed. Meat meals commence from 35 euros to 50 euros, pizzas commence from 35 euros to 60 euros per person in Malta restaurants because of its island status, wines are also very expensive unlike Portugal and Spain.

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