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Liverpool – Get to know this English city where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea. Click play on this charming destination and start planning a trip of your own …

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  1. tin soldier сказал:

    My cousin through out his life he spent his time with research, study. An absent minded genius. After long time I met him and he asked me where are you live in England. I said Liverpool. Then he said.. O Liverpool. A great football club out there. I was shocked cause I never thought in my life he ever seen any football match ever.

  2. 신수혁 сказал:

    Just came back from a trip around the UK including Liverpool. On the train to Penrith met a lovely woman who lives just across the river from Liverpool and we talked all the way to Penrith! And in another instance, but this time in Manchester, one of the cab drivers saw me taking a picture of his cab and offered me to take his seat behind the wheel and take a picture of me! So yeah, people are lovely there 🙂

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