Let’s Connect! Q&A about TRAVEL, VIDEOS, and the WORLD

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Q&A about Travel, Videos, and the World. I’d love to hear from you!

25 мыслей о “Let’s Connect! Q&A about TRAVEL, VIDEOS, and the WORLD

  1. Tamara Abran сказал:

    Hi Peter ! I'm Tamara from Toronto, Canada. Vist Palestine and Jordan cuz i had just watched ur very funny two Saudi trip videos! Ur an awesome and very smart guy that is open to new things. Its nice watching and coming across people like u cuz u actually make this world a better place by removing that stigma and racist stereotype about specific countries and religions.

  2. Barbie сказал:

    That is amazing and no u r not obsessed u r passionate if it is the right word, what u r doing is amazing and i always wanted to do the same i like different cultures and meeting foreign ppl iv been to the states and other countries, actually what u do is very important and the whole world should be like that , peace ✌️

  3. Ex Muslim сказал:

    How people can put this demon picture on this wall?? Jezebel frying head human another one demons eating men. How people can be soo blind really cant understand that. Ex Muslim here after saw JESUS Lord Amen.

  4. Maani Np сказал:

    Iranians are semi-muslim :D, they are more like traditional Catholic ppl who kinda respect the traditions but at the same time they don't practice or rarely do! and their identity is not based on the religion but on a weird combination of history/nationality plus religion plus modernism and it reflects differently in different ppl.

  5. Nunof Urbznes сказал:

    Watched the recorded post tonight. I just want to keep encouraging you to pursue this cause. Seattle, here, but have been to about 50 countries myself and learned long ago that people in the world are one in the same no matter where they are. I love connecting with people when I travel.

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