Lebanon is a WAR ZONE? ?? لبنان

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49 мыслей о “Lebanon is a WAR ZONE? ?? لبنان

  1. Khemtrail Frank and the Climate Changers сказал:

    Amazing how the "western" powers have gutted the Arab world, destroyed most everything and plopped Israel right down into the middle of it all. Destruction by design… Sad. These places are beautiful and the people are generous, hospitable and super kind, not to mention beautiful. Our day is coming in the west, you can smell it, the world's going on lockdown!! good luck and cheers!!

  2. Mary Howard сказал:

    Lebanon is a beautiful country with beautiful people, fantastic food, and gracious hospitality. I have spent time there and have sympathy for the Lebanese who are victims.The fake media reports the news , not as it happens, but as they want people to THINK it happened. All political, and so unfair to the Lebanese people. Hopefully things are changing and will go in a peaceful direction, and the world will hear the truth.

  3. ray rayandray сказал:

    i was in lebanon back in 82, yes it was a war zone than, and a war was happening, your videos are paradise what i see. when i was there it was blown to shit. and they were still fighting, bombs, bulletes, dead bodies on the beach at the university, the airport was blown to shit, all out in town. the port, sunk ships at the port. you are in heaven there.

  4. Fjord Hellas сказал:

    Thanks Nick. Fantastic video. I’m Norwegian and I came to the Middle East couple of years ago to study Arabic at the American University of Beirut. I visited Jordan and I liked it just as I liked Turkey, but my favorite country in the entire region is Lebanon . Lebanon has been a true revelation, literally. In every sense, the landscape, the mountains, the Cedars, the Mediterranean coast, the amazing history that makes Greece and Rome pale. The Alphabet was invented in Byblos and Europa was born in Tyre which later on got a sea named after its glorious explorers and settlers on the south western shores of Europe: Spain, Portugal, France , Crete, Malta, Sicily, Sardegna, Liguria… in Italy, they call it
    ‘ il Mare Tirreno’ ( the sea of Tyre) on the south tip of the Italian coast. Isn’t history amazing? The Greeks and the Romans tried so hard to erase the Phoenicians but they obviously couldn’t. Those are the impressive imprints or legacy left by the world most impressive navigators, the Phoenicians. Nick, I think you ought to explore the Phoenicians… their explorations, the first to navigate the Horn of Africa ( 3000 years ago) with their mighty ships built with the noble cedar woods of Lebanon.. Columbus and many others used their treaties and techniques millennia after…
    What to say about the Lebanese gastronomy.. ooh, to die for! Now talking about food , do you know what is the origin of ice cream, sorbet, pizza, pesto, pasta, coffee, pistachio? Checkout the expo in Genoa called ‘ Città e Mari’ ( cities and seas) where it shows how Phoenicia ( today Lebanon) and the Arab world brought and taught so much to Venice ( especially the architecture and the use of spices, pistachio, coffee and almonds, all brought and copied from the Levant and the Arab world ) Genoa and southern Italy. The same can be said about Spain and Portugal, the Phoenicians and later on the Arabs brought so much to those countries.. in Malta , the legacy is seen in the Maltese language.. 30% or more is literally Arabic.. Love Lebanon! Thanks!

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