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Watch as an American from San Francisco with limited Russian/Ukrainian language skills moves in with a local family near the Sea of Azov in Ukraine, …

38 мыслей о “LEAVING THE FAMILY (#7) ??

  1. Faheem Ilyas сказал:

    I'm from Pakistan, i started watching your Pakistani videos & due to your good personality i want to explore you more so i started watching your previous videos, and you are truly an gentleman, this video made tears in my eyes, you are a great person Man, and little girl is truly an angel ?,

  2. Marilyn Masonis сказал:

    What a great adventure, and experience. And what beautiful memories.
    I felt the raw emotion.

    Thank you to the family,
    and to all who participated in the making of this video, and for sharing your experiences with the rest of world.

    We are all in this life together. Make, and treasure, the precious memories along the way. ?

    Love your videos Peter.
    Thank you for capturing all of these awesome experiences on video.
    Your videos are a blessing,
    to me, and to millions of people around the world.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Peace, and greetings;
    from — Michigan, USA??✌

  3. NotOverlyAcerbic сказал:

    What does the 'U A' in the title mean? It is in the title on my TV but not my phone..I see it also on other videos, usually travel videos.. always 2 capital letters with a space between them..maybe I am just an idiot but what does it mean?

  4. STARKON сказал:

    Для меня его выпуски открытие,сильно,молодец,хороший счастливый человек познает мир наслаждается жизнью,главное чтобы не нарвался на злых людей,все будет ок.

  5. Игорь Май сказал:

    I think, its not really connected with ukraine. I think you would find magic and honesty ib USA village as well.

    This series made me think about your point of view. I think, buety in eye of an observer, and i am trully amazed by your ability to see all this candid moments.

    I want to see and feel like you, so thanks for unique experience

  6. Lucy Corcoran сказал:

    Hey Peter, I have watched your video story back-to-back and have experienced so many emotions. I have the utmost respect for your host family bearing its soul to the world. My heritage is Ukrainian, born and bred in UK and have visited family in Kyiv, Uzhgorod and Prystromy several times. Beautiful people, beautiful country and my heart breaks every time I have to leave. You have captured the essence and flavour of Ukraine perfectly.

  7. Chris Puder сказал:

    Been watching your videos all day and your realness and vulnerability shown through your films is inspiring. I am from the US as well and am currently in Europe traveling and will be flying to Kiev next week due solely to your videos to experience Ukraine for myself. Thank you

  8. Iryna Kovalevych сказал:

    Peter, thanks for such amazing stories about Ukraine! I really love every part of it! Thanks u for such idea and time u spent showing your subscribers the truth about my country and it people!

    Most of all I liked how u named 'angry babs') thanks for babyshka Day!

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