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The Las Vegas of Eastern Europe….. Fascinating day exploring this city 11KM from the Turkish border. Unreal. Thank you for watching #VLOG 110! As always …

38 мыслей о “LAS VEGAS of EASTERN EUROPE – Georgia

  1. Ruslan Drajev сказал:

    Unfortunately you had bad luck with the weather right here on this day. Trust me, even in September, if the weather is good, the city is completely different. It all looks nicer (of course), there are many people out, the vibe is different, it's nothing like this. Batumi has a very special place in my heart <3

  2. Joyce Blackmon сказал:

    Ik the US may not be the most clean country ever but me being from the south and i guess as clichés would say just a good ole boy at heart, i like to travel and immerse myself in diversity but i dont like it when a place. Looks dirty and not well put together

  3. Aaron Explores сказал:

    Sick editing there, very interesting. I have come across a few places in Eastern Europe that look like they are going through a transition period… I wonder what it will look like in 20 years time??? You will have to go back and make another vlog lol. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jan сказал:

    Cool indeed.! Wondering if you could possibly interact with a local(s) about their culture, traditions, what they feel of increasing tourism in the country etc. in one of your upcoming videos. I think that'd be helpful

  5. Marius Chick сказал:

    Thank you for another one interesting video. I hope you will arrive to Chernivtsi somehow. It's Ukraine, not far from the Lviv, with the same architecture that famous with its own old university that looks like a Hogwarts from Harry Potter))

  6. Ivan M сказал:

    Nick, I love your videos! You do such a great job. I'm going to Europe for 2 month and gonna work on my own project (Instagram blog). Thanks for inspiration and show some cool places around the world! Maybe we could travel together one day. Good luck with everything! Cheers 🙂

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