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I often get asked why I choose to live in such a dangerous place, Kyiv, Ukraine, when I’m visiting America or Europe. I dig deep here to find you the “hood” of …

40 мыслей о “KYIV/KIEV UKRAINE – WHERE is it DANGEROUS?! ??

  1. d b сказал:

    I was often in Ukraine, My wife is from donetsk.. I was at the Day and night in Donetsk Odessa kharkiv kyiv lviv.. Smaller citys.. Everywhere its safe.. Only pocket thieves.. More dangerous in Berlin for example where we live.. You will find in Ukraine more discipline on the streets than in whole Western europe.. Btw

    Христос воскресе из мертвых, смертию смерть поправ, и сущим во гробех живот даровав.

  2. Alex Sh сказал:

    It much more dangerous to walk around homeless people in San-Francisco every day then live in Kyiv for entire life. Somebody was right – the most dangerous "zona" in Kyiv is Ukrainian parliament and its members.

  3. Mälli Fair сказал:

    There's a very nice park up at Syrets, with a miniature railway. Some very good and very cheap restaurants round there as well. Not far from Dorohozhychi subway and Babiy Yar (but opposite direction from Babiy Yar). Long live Rushen chocolate (go visit the factory)!

  4. Ameer khan DGK сказал:

    Hye Mr Peter can you please tell me you have with gopro extra mic?
    Or internal mic is good….
    When you showing location on your phone i saw reflection on mobile screen if i m not rong you don't have any extra mic…
    Is m right

  5. Vatraxos Apoelistas сказал:

    peter are you an english teacher in kiev?before 2 years an american english teacher was
    atack and beaten and now he is invalid!mayby you here about this story.
    eaven the swiss empasador and a latvian diplomat they get ropped outsite hotel!
    if you thing your safe in kiev your wrong!

  6. Vatraxos Apoelistas сказал:

    in kiev you can get ropped even in xreshatik street day or naicht in basenaya area or outsite metro.
    many times in kiev they try to trap me people that i see as friends from many years.
    dont trust nobody,stay safe and avoid english speakers friendly to help you.
    a greek captain that is working for me in odessa he tell me all these years never get ropped!
    i tell him becuse you like like tyrk with no money and you dress like a refugee so they can imagine
    that you always carry such a big amound of money with you))))

  7. Ehm Ha сказал:

    Eastern Europe is super safe. My favorite cities in the world are Tblisi and Sarajevo. I felt super safe in eastern europe. You just have to adjust to that eastern hospitality. They might seem tough on the outside but are absolutely friendly on the inside. I really need to travel there more often

  8. Jokinen 17 сказал:

    Let's just face it. Every city has two sides to it. By day your average peaceful tourist trap. But then by nightfall it turns into the wilderness and you dont know what you might encounter. Most of the time it's not good. New York is definitely like that. It's a fanta….its a remar….its a grea…..its a goo…its an ok city in most parts. Both by. day and by night. If anyone ever goes to New York, going out at night is ok but never go to Central park or anywhere where theres not a pot of people. Time square is the only place I'd go at night. Because even when everyone's at home around 7-11:00, time square tends to be well crowded.

  9. dominic k сказал:

    It's a bit stupid because you can not seach for Dangerous, it doesn't work like that.
    It's what the woman said,come at night and it will look different.
    You do have danger in Kiev, you have the Bandera Nazi's you have poor people that will rob you when you walk half drunk in the night in a quiet street but normaly Kiev doesn't look so dangerous and isn;t that dangerous for tourist that lives in the centre.

  10. David Hasselhoff сказал:

    I lived in Kyiv. My favorite city. You know the American Medical Center is not far from the 2nd location you traveled to. I went there many times and passed through that neighborhood. Its just a normal Ukrainian neighborhood really. Not as wealthy as Obolon or the city center but safe.

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