KICKED OUT OF SHIP-BREAKING YARD | Expelled From Balochistan, Pakistan ??

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Come with me to explore this fascinating world of ship-breaking. The 3rd biggest ship-breaking yard in the world in Balochistan, Pakistan. ▻ Filmed DECEMBER …

43 мысли о “KICKED OUT OF SHIP-BREAKING YARD | Expelled From Balochistan, Pakistan ??

  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    ► Filmed DECEMBER 2019
    I wish I had time to explore Balochistan and have a proper trip there. All I had time for was a short excursion from Karachi; I've always been fascinated with ships and when I heard of this ship-breaking yard I had to go check it out. I had no expectations about what I would find, and no expectations to get in. The workers, management, and police were all super cool with me at the shipyard. Next week I'll have another video from Karachi.

  2. Paul Murray сказал:

    Another interesting video Peter!,i admire ur courage for these situations!,i would have total anxiety!lol,btw have u heard of another travel vlogger just like urself 'Indigo Traveller'?he 's putting out video's just now about Pakistan too and less than a week ago he put a out a video about the same shipyard…what a small world!

  3. the contrarian view сказал:

    Different world inside of a inundated ship. Thank you for the unique experience.

    We r kinda in transitional phase. If u can manage to be always with someone local I feel worried for the touring guests.

    In shaa allah things are quite peaceful. Precaution will be appreciated.

    Grace us honorable guests frequently.

  4. Mrizwan khan сказал:

    Aslam O alikum bro. With due respect first of all I would like to welcome you to the land of hospitality (Pakistan) and then i would like to give you a advice that you should find a english speaker who's can help you to go everywhere inside in Pakistan. He will help you to communicate with others. If it's hard for you to find a english speaker then contact to the pakistan tourist center. I assure u they will help to give you a tourist instructor free of charge.
    Anyway good luck for the rest of your adventure.
    M.Rizwan from China.


    Bro balochistan has the best beaches in Pakistan .there are not one or two but more than 12 huge beaches which are very popular and the trip will make you crazy,trust me.there is a waterfall in khuzdar balochistan and people compare it with grand can watch it's videos in balochistan land of beauty channel and in Irfan bhai's video.
    Love from balochistan

  6. Arslan Rana сказал:

    That was a crazy adventure, your life could have been much easier if you have gone with a local or a guide. They could have taken you to the places you were looking to go. I didn’t see the reason why you weren’t allowed to go on top of the oil tanker, that would have been some epic scenes. Very important to find a guide like you have in Lahore to get the total understanding of these very customized cities. There was some amazing camera world you filmed the beaches with. Amazing blue color. These workers deserve much better facilities.

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