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45 мыслей о “KENYAN PEOPLE ARE GREAT! ??(Kenya Travel)

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Hope you enjoy this video guys, a huuuge thank you to Sam for showing me around Kenya and for giving me the real Kenyan experience! Sorry for the late upload, I am currently sitting in a car on top of a hill in the pouring rain using an internet hotspot from a mobile phone to upload this video as my laptop has a problem which only lets me connect to certain WiFi networks – Thanks to Apple for selling me a brand new laptop that has more problems than a car without an engine (dad joke). Enjoy! ??

  2. Merry Crab Beach Hotel сказал:

    Check out the morning routine video on our channel if you want a laugh! It has just been released and is so cute it should go viral. What do you think? We're inviting people to feature our resort in Watamu, 'the Merry Crab' on their social media for 10% commission of the entire duration of any booking made via their social media. You can use some of our growing content or make your own content during a free promotional stay we are offering. If you are interested you can comment or email via our channel. Thanks!

  3. alex B. сказал:

    Hey mann nice video but ignorant commentary. The town was established by Shehe Mvita and Mwana Mkisi as a market in Kongowea the city's market. Increasing demand for African goods attracted merchants from India and far east. The Arabs came in 8th century as traders and at around 14th century the Sultan of Zanzibar conquered the town. On his way to India Vasco da Gama observed the lucrative trade and the greatness of the Indian Ocean trade. He returned and conquered the city ruling it for 200 years until the Somalis from Ajuran sultanate and Ottoman Turks helped liberate it. In the 19th century, the British came and established trade links and ruled the city through a puppet sultanate. Thanks

  4. abu osman сказал:

    The police there is unbearable, it’s just you may not have experienced for obvious reason but they will stop foreigners with certain skin color and make you pay or will arrest you. Nick you are a great guy, but there are certain things being white is beneficial to oneself. Kenyans also blacks their security forces make life miserable on others like them.

  5. Kalydosos сказал:

    Indigo Traveller I keep getting your videos recommended to me, I'm not remotely interested in people like you visiting Africa shouldn't you be on some anti immigrant march in Europe with your aggressive friends? I watch real men like Dynast Simar, Amen Rahh, Bomani Tyemba you know! The humans; who don't murder people or plan to murder people. I'm interested in them mainly because they relate to my experiences growing in the west and putting up with micro aggressions from people like you. So sincerely fuck you stop contacting me!

  6. Trev Channel сказал:

    Sam maybe one of the Swahili people. They are the coastal people found all along the coast of Kenya but mainly around Mombasa. They are extremely kind and generous. If you ask them for directions they will ride with you to the location and then walk all the way back. Of course things are changing…

  7. suec7566 сказал:

    Try coming here with no money, no camera crew, beautiful places but go back to New Zealand, you will never know the real story of Mombasa in 3/4 days. Money for nothing… did you show people 'Jambi ruins' where the arads herded the blacks into boats for the Americas. People like you who think they know everything in 6 days make me sick….. shame on ou that don't depict the real life here

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