KENYA DISASTER DAY ?? (Landed in wrong country)

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  1. denn denn сказал:

    River road became infamous during the 80's and 90's because bank robbers would use its numerous twists and turns to escape. Currently the most dangerous thing about the area is its history so just like any other sketchy part of any city, keep your wits about. thats all

  2. Eric сказал:

    haha long day~ its funny to us locals its instinct now. you just know when and where to tuck your chain, thats definitely one of the places but there's definitely so much to see and experience. way more good than bad people

  3. Rupert Murray сказал:

    "Disaster Day" having watched the next video first, I thought you'd been attacked/robbed, particularly when I saw where you'd chosen to stay – in reality, only a delayed/diverted flight, so no real drama. Am surprised that any driver was prepared to take you to that part of town, so late – its extremely dodgy at night and fairly dodgy during the day too and a lesson to anyone intending to visit the city and stay in cheap airbnb ………… there is a very good reason why its cheap and you were lucky. Lots of advice on sites such as TripAdvisor about the safest parts of Nairobi in which to stay, for foreigners. It's really worth doing your homework!

  4. Shirway Shams сказал:

    It's interesting that your #254th post is Kenya's because that's our area code.

    Glad you enjoyed the trip to Kenya despite the challenges. Sometimes it helps to reach out to local photographers to give some advice. This can greatly enhance your experience. Love from the +254 ??!

  5. Shane Phillips сказал:

    You're really amazing. I didn't have time to watch, in fact I didn't want to watch, but I couldn't stop, you made what would have been boring into something really neat. To be able to tell the story when all you have is Idle conversation. Wow that's pretty good. But the truth is, I watch a lot of your videos and I really like your style and honesty. So thanks, and keep up the good work.

  6. A B сказал:

    Half of you negative commenters sound totally mental. Stop searching for something to be offended about. He simply explained the fiasco he went through with his flights trying to get to Kenya. He mentioned quite a few times that Kenya has been a desire of his to visit. He's said nothing disrespectful. Quit being professional victims. He's out there travelling and enjoying his life while you're just whining on the Internet. Get over your fragile egos and get a life. Either shut up and enjoy the videos or piss off!

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