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  1. F Haque сказал:

    Looks like the Zionists broke up former USSR because they wanted to release these Muslim rich regions under the pretext of independence; but in reality they wanted to access the resources esp away from Russians as Muslims are easier to control than Russians., So the 6 'Stans' are now brought under Zionist control. So a Zionist government will eventually remove Islam from this region to turn it into a Jewish takeover. There are lots of u tube about Illuminati takeover already.

  2. Jaime Velasco сказал:

    I love all of your videos. You are the vlogger i was looking for: the one who goes where most tourists don’t. I am planning to visit nordics, balcans and middle east (in no particular order). I might be asking you questions as i watch your videos.

  3. Gemcitykid сказал:

    Love your videos. May i give some constructive criticism? If you run your cursor over the bar and sort of fast forward, about 80+% of what you see is YOUR FACE. Your commentaries are very interesting, but I am tired of watching your beard grow. Turn the camera away from your face, mate. Thanks.

  4. Robert Garcia сказал:

    Um, why not USA move all of manufacturing to Kazakhstan away from China. Just show respect and not steal intellectual properties.

    Quit arguing with them on the unfair trade and do the business thing with Kazakhstan. But be fair.

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