KATHMANDU – POKHARA | Top 5 Most Dangerous Road in the World – Nepal

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This road is in the top 5 of the most dangerous roads in the world… I can vouch for that…. Thank you for watching #VLOG 142. Leave me a comment with your …

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  1. Jordan Chappell сказал:

    At the end of 2018 I was in a head on collision on this road. Broke my spine in 3 spots, shattered my sternum, broke a bunch of ribs and did a lot of internal damage. Very thankful to be alive but could never go back to Nepal from the fear of being on the roads!

  2. nabin timalsina сказал:

    This road is relatively mucher easier road in Hilly Nepal . But it is way narrow for its traffic . This is the main way to link Kathmandu valley with 6million plus population with rest of Nepal . Bus falling into Trishuli river and death of 10,20,30,40 people is common .

  3. zer0Kewl1977 сказал:

    Have you ever met with Harald Baldr and Bald and Bankrupt. That would be so epic if the three of you Met up for a small journey! My gosh. Thanks for all your hard work and determination. 🙂 From Canada Toronto.

  4. Kieran Daly сказал:

    I love that drive and I’ve done it very many times. Mountain View’s are gorgeous. Not always so crowded just getting out of Kathmandu is heavy going and coming back. Yes. Lots of crashes. Buses down in the ravines. Very many. But. The road is greatly improved. Side trips to Dahding and Gorkha are fabulous.

  5. John Cardona сказал:

    Mr. Nick
    Wasup how you doing I am from US FL , love the videos from Nepal and Everest , I need you advise can you help me ? How we cant talk Please .
    Are you plaining to do Mount Kailash any time soon ?
    Thank you again Nick Cheers .

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