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Karachi is hands down the world’s friendliest megacity. Come along and I’ll show you how cool the people on these streets really are! ▻ Filmed Dec.


  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    ► Filmed Dec. 2019

    When I said Karachi was the bass drum of megacities and that weak people can't survive there I really meant it! Usually, when a place hits so hard the people become hardened. But Karachi is an interesting anomaly; the people were soft and kind. Yeah, of course, there are jackasses and criminals everywhere, but for the most part, everyone was cool to me in a relaxed way. And in a relaxed way when the environment was anything but relaxed. So there is a really cool dynamic to the city and I need to return in the future to go deeper into the culture and make more videos about the city of lights.

    Well, that's the end of my 10-part Pakistan series guys https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEyPgwIPkHo4enGho80iAV6rLn-850xw9
    I'm happy with it overall. Some things I wish I conveyed better, and I didn't get everything right, but I definitely gave it my all. Thanks for being part of that ride 🙂

    I'll probably do a YouTube Livestream next week to talk about Pakistan and answer any questions you might have and just connect with you all who have supported me by watching and messaging along the way. I'll post the date and time in the community tab in the next couple of days. And perhaps I'll make an overall video about Pakistan in a couple of weeks. I'm open to topic suggestions.

    Take care guys! You all rock, and if you're from Karachi, you're rocking a little harder to the strongest bass drum on the planet 🙂

  2. safdar ali сказал:

    there is no metro service because of ALTAF HUSSAIN MQM funded by RAW india,,,, and because of PPP Zardari Baloch
    who are ripping off, most corrupt Party in the UNIVERSE not in the world, not in the Pakistan

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