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  1. Alpha Centauri сказал:

    to the curious ones 2:59 @4:37 yes cows are very common and we respect them because we believe its moraly right to serve the cow because it gives us milk and takes care of us so we also need to take care of the cow and protect her , its just about respecting nature and being grateful for what it offers and giving milk is just one use of the cow ,there are many other uses , even cow dung and urine can make the most dead land fertile and cow urine has been proven to have medicinal value (you dont drink it straight up but refine it through a process ) and not forget Killing cattle can add to global warming

  2. AAa m сказал:

    Be careful in varanasi, its a whole other dimension in india. Buy a jar of peanut butter at a supermarket in india and only eat that while youre there. The surfing violinist got really sick there on his first trip.

  3. Deep Inder Singh Puri сказал:

    The thing is, most of the lower class Indian people consider white men like you to be a celebrity. it is mainly because fair skin is considered attractive and handsome in India. Also, Foreigners are considered a bit exotic up to some extent in India. So when you click their pictures with your camera, it basically gives them a sense of pride. Got the point? 🙂

  4. Nimit Gupta сказал:

    Varanasi is a shit city. Instead come to Lucknow a city nearer to Varanasi, where you can visit the old and new heritage monuments, lush green parks, and delicious local cuisines. Please don't follow the clichéd tourist spots in India. Explore new places, meet new people, and enjoy new hospitality. 🙂

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