Island Life in Saudi Arabia ??INSIDE SAUDI ARABIA #6

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Out in the Red Sea are the Farasan Islands. Mysterious and interesting beach life in Saudi Arabia MY SAUDI VIDEOS …

25 мыслей о “Island Life in Saudi Arabia ??INSIDE SAUDI ARABIA #6

  1. Xenghee Ninjoo сказал:

    Year of mischaracterization of Islam and Muslim by orientalist has nurtured the pond of hatred and misinformation about Islam and Muslim in general, combined that with unique American exceptionalism, no winder your wold view is twisted and your seem confused. You just need, educated fundamentalist/wahabi Muslim friends. Instead of seeking people who you think sort of fit your mold of being "free", try befriending people who don't fit the mold, you will be surprised.

  2. Mate Rockk сказал:

    Saudi Arabia is Hell. People live in fear. Idiot laws. Foriegners often beheaded in street. Saudi mostly Gays do sex with filpinos ladyboys. Saudi Arabia killing children in yemen. Jamal khasoughi murder in Saudi Arabia consulate istanbul. MBS servant of Israel. Saudi regime shut down makkah on orders of their master.

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