IS UKRAINE SAFE? ?? Travel Advice

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25 мыслей о “IS UKRAINE SAFE? ?? Travel Advice

  1. Mark S сказал:

    Been to Kiev 3 times and Odessa twice. Absolutely no problems at all whenever I have visited …. just beware of the rip off taxi drivers at Odessa airport. Other than that lovely country and people :))

  2. Kamran Behzad сказал:

    Helpful as always. Thanks. Wait! What?! You love Ladas?! Well I'm glad somebody loves them! As a kid in south of Iran in 1970s we had Ladas and Moskvitch cars. Can't say they were lovable, but there you go. Happy travels mate. Would love to see you in Sydney or even back home.

  3. Bort McBort сказал:

    Definitely a safe place. I lived in Ukraine for a total of 10 years. The only time I ever felt unsafe was when I was in Kyiv during the 2013 protests, but I am responsible for taking that risk. In all other situations, I never had any issues. I never so much as felt threatened, even when I was at train stations at 5:00am.

  4. Lauge Steffensen сказал:

    I was in Lviv. Ivano Frankivsk. and Lutsk! all three cities are very nice citites, i must admit that lutsk is probably a city i like alot the mentality there and hospitality is just fantastic really.. not far away from there. is a Huge lake i don't remember what it's called im sure ukrainian people knows that lake it's huge like a ocean such a nice place beaches summer parties omg i love Ukraine)) all the very best from a Great Dane! ))

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