Is The Turkish Coast Safe in 2018? ?? (Çıralı, Chirali)

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Turkey is unfortunately getting a lot of negative Western press lately. In this video I want to show why you should go to the Turkish coast, what your risks are, and …

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  1. M D сказал:

    When you visit Turkey, be careful with taxi drivers! Dont pity the beggars, seriously they are not the people in need, avoid people who invite you to the clubs, it is a scam and when you take a seat some women will come and join yoı then they will put a bill on your table with an astronomic number

  2. Mörður Svavarsson сказал:

    Hi, I'm from Iceland, and I spent 3 months in Turkey last year and I'm actually thinking about to go again this year to meet my friends Özkan and Özkan heheh it's a real common name there, but Peter isn't lying the country is great, the people are great and extremely helpful, believe me, my brother went missing for 3 days and the propaganda started to creep in but if you know alcoholics lol and the prices are great, the food is great and the whether is fantastic.. but like Peter said the "hey my friend best price best price" thing gets annoying but just ignore them or if you're really annoyed look them straight in their eyes and say inshalla! And I guarantee he won't bother you anymore but a 20 steps later the next one will ask you again and again, just walk around like your def

  3. Memos сказал:

    Love this kind of Videos, i mean i never Trust the "Mainstream Media" at all but now every one can see/hear it from a Person who experienced it THANK YOU !!!

    btw: @ 7:33 this guy must be working really hard 😀

  4. alp сказал:

    Very low homicide ratings in Turkey, terorist attacks happens everywhere once in a while in this new age. Unfortunately, I think there is a higher chance to be shot , or to be under terorist attack in New York

  5. Son Laf Bükücü сказал:

    If there weren't any social media, my country would be like Iraq or Syria by now. Thank you YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter. And thank you good people like this guy for your hundreds of videos, saying how safe Turkey is… TURKEY IS WAY MUCH SAFER THAN MANY EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, THE USA AND LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES…

  6. Dave Lester сказал:

    You are correct. A lot of the "caution" is propaganda. Too bad people go by this as if they came to Turkey they would find the people friendly and kind. They would also learn to be careful while enjoying a new world.

  7. koray basus сказал:

    Btw, I live in south east part of Turkey with my christian wife. Believe me or not, It is even safier. Terrorist attacks in turkey rarelly happened and government is very strong and I dont think it is gonna ever happen again

  8. 64wulf сказал:

    I appreciate your time making this video Peter, I think most watching this are considering to travel there, I myself would LOVE to, yes though the warning level is something of a bummer but the more I think about it too it seems more political than anything else, then again government agencies like the CIA have greater sources of inteligence than open sourced outlets like CNN. In fact by the time you hear 'breaking news' it's probably been in mothion for 6 months!

  9. Zeynep Dalbay сказал:

    guys I’ve been living in Istanbul since I was born and believe me there is no reason to not visit Turkey. It was all 2 years ago and even though Istanbul is an incredibly crowded city, we are totally fine and also I recommend to visit south and west cities as well which are great to have a vacation like Antalya, İzmir. Also you can go to Ankara to see Anıtkabir. All in all, every person from all around the world are welcomed in Turkey. ?

  10. Jan Højris Madsen сказал:

    Thanks for sharing your video and thoughts!
    You are absolutely right 🙂
    I have been to Olympos/Cirali more than 15 times – most times actually with groups of about 25-35 youngsters between 15-18 years of age – ALWAYS with great success coming from little Denmark to visit such a lovely place!
    I have even been to Istanbul a couple ot times – what a great city!

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