IS MOROCCO SAFE? All Your Questions Answered 2017 المغرب

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Hey guys! Here is some information about safety for foreigners who are travelling in Morocco. Please let me know your opinion and let’s have another discussion …

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Here is some information about safety for foreigners who are travelling in Morocco. Please let me know your opinion and let's have another discussion in the comments section. And please feel free to ask any question you have. As always, I will answer every single comment! Thanks once again, Nick. شكر

  2. GreenSkin сказал:

    Nador,al huceima and driouch are good places to enjoy people are chill and just have fun (btw the life in morocco is soo good if ur a night person cus shops and cafes are open in the night too alot of people go out in night because its good weather and cool and dot take expensive things with you you never no)

  3. donnie darko сказал:

    The reason I’m watching this video was because of the two Scandinavian women recently beheaded in the Atlas Mountains by a group of men.
    I would love to travel to Morocco, but things like this definitely make me uncertain, even though this kind of sick crime would rarely EVER happen in a place like that. Although I can’t help but feel a sense of fear when travelling to other countries.

  4. Francois Johannson сказал:

    I went to Morocco in 1988. I left a Taxi at the wrong place in the Mountains and had to walk by foot 10 km to the next Taxi-stand. I passed 2 Berber-Villages. When they saw me approaching, the young women blocked my way, barefeet. When I came close, they just stepped aside one step, laughing. In the second village I went into a bar. A man approached me and asked me: "What do you think about Arabs?". Without thinking I said: "Arabs are assholes". The man laughed and said: "Boy, you're funny, let me invite you to a coke". So he did. I don't know if he was an Arab or a Berber.

  5. brasileiros Silva сказал:

    One of my friends was on vacation to visit the same place where those scandinavian was killed, i was wrong they wasn't at toubkal mountains, they was in Tazekka National Park very close to Taza, all 4 of the haikers was kidnapped and killed that day, a few days later some turist who where hiking that day, discovered blood all over the tent. i suggest no one hiking on Tazekka to, its to dangerous

  6. Anime Songs сказал:

    Hello from Morocco here. Thanks for visiting my country and for making these amazing videos. You gave a fair and unbiaised review of it so thanks about that and I'm happy you appreciated it even if you lived through some bad experiences ( which I totally get, Marrakesh is a struggle even with local tourists). I hope you can come back, and if you decide to check out Fez ( historical capital, a little further is Volubilis: roman ruins) , Ifran ( beautiful town with an almost European feel to it, mountains near) , Ouazazat (in the south, big movies made there), Sidi ifni ( quiet poetic little town with great beaches), Chaouen (the blie pearl, Achkour are picturesque falls near it), Beni Mellal and Merzouga (litterally in the heart of the Sahara).
    Anyway sorry for the long comment and keep up the great job!!!

  7. M Dav сказал:

    You have been descent and considerate throughout your visit. Sorry about the robbery and yes it can happen anywhere BUT some places more than other unfortunately 🙁 From a Moroccan

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