IS KENYA SAFE? How Expensive is Kenya? ??

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24 мысли о “IS KENYA SAFE? How Expensive is Kenya? ??

  1. jaymune young сказал:

    I'm from Nairobi and I really lked your videos alot,visit again cause there's alot beautiful places you haven't visit yet in Nairobi and Mombasa…like the beautiful place in nairobi is downtown around I&M building and also Mombasa places like Nyali,please visit again

  2. Muringo Liz сказал:

    Next time make sure you visit 'mama pima', 'club Betty's', 'kariakor', 'mathare', 'river road' here you might find another you(home made), 'gikomba', 'chini ya mnazi' get some coconut milk alcohol, 'limuru' one of the coldest places in Kenya,'Turkana' here we don't value clothes we stay naked and simple ?? and so many fun places in Kenya that define who we really are!!!
    Remember not to go back home without a friend,we've got so many slay queens in Kenya
    Thank you anyway for your visit

  3. Katy Magner сказал:

    Doubt you’ll see this, especially if you’ve gone dark lol, but worth a shot. What about a female solo traveler? I have a trip planned to Nairobi in Sept, part planned, part solo. How do you think I’d do on my own there?

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