Is it Safe to Travel to Istanbul, Turkey in 2018? ??

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Or, is it dangerous to travel to Istanbul, Turkey in 2018? Many foreigners wonder if it’s safe to travel to Istanbul. In this video I broke down some numbers to …

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  1. ESİ TUBE сказал:

    Istanbul is safer than USA? Actually Istanbul is way safer than %80 of world cities.
    I mean I live in Istanbul, dude, its safe if you know the language and the culture.
    Turkey general is fascinating only dangereous parts are where our soldiers battle with other countries for Syria.

  2. Hikmet Demirci сказал:

    Maybe not very factual but I believe Istanbul is safer than most of the European big cities. Of course there are places where you should be carefull but that is not different then in Paris, London or Amsterdam.

    Media is over exaggerating that Turkey is not safe. I can assure you that Istanbul is safer than New York.

  3. Er dinç сказал:

    Actually as an Istanbul local I can compare Istanbul (And almost all other cities in Turkey) with Ukraine city Odessa . It was cold and uninhabited, I am attacked, punched by a tribe in my second hour in Odessa, I had my glasses broken. I didn't see any police, never. The main thing in Turkey is, it's very crowded and people are not oblivius to any non normal behaviour of anyone. They involve the issue instead of walking by. So if you don't go in to the very rare unsafe areas of this big city I can guarantee, you will not have any security risk. Especially in daylight Istanbul is super super safe that even you may get bored from it. Who knows maybe I am get used to adrenalin after Odessa experience 😀 …. btw I still love ukraine, especially Lviv. Just bring my glasses 🙂 Slava Ukranine ! Come to Istanbul and text me for a beer 🙂

  4. Elder PlayGames сказал:

    The point you made was to me is that the terrorist are just not attacking at home and on their own people. They are attacking others leaving places like Turkey, Iran, etc.. alone to make it appear that these placed just want peace.

  5. GMH Paraloid сказал:

    you've experienced the truth but unfortunately the others will only be afraid of the level 3 the america government and believe it though. The truth is it is not dangerous, if it is dangerous than it is as dangerous as america too.

  6. AJNova сказал:

    Istanbul is one of the safest and most beautiful cities in the world. Western countries and media are trying to show Turkey is unsafe so they can steal its tourists and you are showing the worst possible pictures of istanbul.

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