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Many people from the west ask this question, here’s the answer. RAFFA’s INSTAGRAM @rmariano77 …

34 мысли о “IS ISTANBUL SAFE? ??

  1. Öznur köse сказал:

    Respect, love and equality are in Turkey. Combination of the Asian and European continents. There are many historical and cultural places. Food is great. It's a great country for tourists. It's a modern country. Turkey is safer than many countries!!!

  2. Xenghee Ninjoo сказал:

    West likes to think they are diverse and pluralistic, but diversity and pluralism is the West is very recent development. Muslim world has been far more pluralistic than West, it root of it because of religion.

    "Let us get out of our grooves and study the rest of the globe. The Sultan governs in peace twenty million people of different religions; two hundred thousand Greeks live in security in Constantinople…The empire is full of Jacobites, Nestorians, and Monothelites; it contains Copts, Christians of St. John, Jews and Hindoos. The annals of Turkey do not record any revolt instigated by any of these religions."

    [Reference: Voltaire, Toleration and Other Essays, translated with an introduction by Joseph McCabe (New York and London: Knickerbocker Press, 1912), 23]

  3. marjaex сказал:

    Loving how the Brazilian guy is exposing is pure ignorance. Everything about his “awe” and “love” about Turkey isn’t noteworthy really – quite disappointing rather. Just another western dude proving how westerns think/thought they’re superior over the Middle East ? As he said “Please don’t be as stupid as I was” Good advice at least ??

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