IS IRAQ SAFE? How to Travel Iraq & Kurdistan

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    To everyone that is planning to travel to Iraq, keep in mind that Iraqi Kurdistan is not the only region that looks like this developed and filled with luxury hotels and cars. Where I grew up (Baghdad) it was a fairly common thing to see luxury cars like in any other western nations, cars like Land Cruisers, Lexus, BMW's, Mercedes filled the street where I lived. There are also luxury hotels in Baghdad that aren't too expensive (around 300$ last time I checked, if you are interested in a certain hotel I think Babylon hotel is good) There are also tall modern sky-scrapers in Iraq with freshly paved roads and good internet access with many younger people walking around with the newest smartphone so if anyone is planning on traveling to Iraq I would also recommend Baghdad to them as it is what I like to call "In progress Dubai" and Iraq isn't the poor nation that everyone thinks it is.

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