IS EGYPT SAFE? All Your Questions Answered 2017 مصر

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Hey everyone! I hope you find these thoughts that I have about travelling in Egypt as a foreigner helpful. Please let me know your opinion and let’s have a …

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Hey everyone! I hope you find these thoughts that I have about travelling in Egypt as a foreigner helpful. Please let me know your opinion and let's have a discussion in the comments section. And please feel free to ask any question you have. I will answer every single comment! Thank you, Nick. شكر


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  2. Nad K сказал:

    Amazing videos. Really great advice and words. I'm a m British-Arab from London. Its funny how the media and people talk about these parts of the world. I've travelled all over the Middle East, if anything its more safe than the UK.. People are getting stabbed and robbed in London every 2 hours and people never mention this because of tourism… The west are great at pointing the finger at people to make them selves look better.

  3. Chaldean Forever сказал:

    Visited Egypt with my family and enjoyed every moment of our 6 days there
    So safe and the people are great so nice and so helpful
    Egypt is Very very safe
    we visited some amazing places and made friends with locals who are the most beautiful people and we tried almost every traditional meal Egyptians eat and they were absolutely amazing
    My advice to anyone who wants to visit Egypt
    Based on our experience there

    Egypt is amazing experience & fun and safe and don’t be afraid of mixing with the locals
    They so nice and humble & helpful
    Be nice & respect them and you will be respected
    Enjoy real Egyptian food

  4. Denise G- Hill сказал:

    Bloody hell parts of London are not safe, knife crime acid attacks. Don't believe the MSM mostly lies. Parts of the USA are unsafe, gun crime loads of gangs in the inner cities tons of homeless etc. Women can travel with small groups. It is not advisable for females to travel around on their own.

  5. Truth Seeker сказал:

    Egypt is amazing and even though some minor things happened while there and we heard our guards shooting one night. We still went out by ourselves around Cairo and have met the kindest people as well. They are very appreciative for just coming to their hime

  6. Cleverly Blonde сказал:

    I don't agree that you can say media (also you are generalising when you say "media" as well) is "wrong". One sided, perhaps, but unless you claim those things did not happen, then they are not wrong. I'm not saying you lie or that you are wrong either. You are trying to balance the picture, which is both fair and good and egyptians deserve a balanced picture of their country for sure. But it comes of a bit conspiratorial when you make it appear as if they are flat out lying. What are they showing then? Staged set explosions? And for what purpose?

  7. Shawn Doucette сказал:

    You’re absolutely right. I’m from the US and I consider it very safe but you wouldn’t catch my ass anywhere near Chicago. It’s a freaking war zone, so yea you’re right. Can’t paint a country with the same brush.

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