IRAQ ROAD TRIP (Soldier Took Me to His Home)

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49 мыслей о “IRAQ ROAD TRIP (Soldier Took Me to His Home)

  1. American Standard сказал:

    @Indigo Traveller Watching this made me so very happy, I lived with the Peshmerga in Samarra Iraq in 2004 when I was in the military, and on a later deployment in while in Kirkuk we would eat with the PKK guys, they were wonderful people . Everything in this video showed exactly what I experienced with them. Beautiful people. My last tour I had gone to Erbil for a brief period of time and was amazed at the difference from Tikrit to Erbil. I miss the country and the people, I hope to go there again one day. Thank you so much for sharing this video!

  2. Powert0ThePeople сказал:

    It's a horrible shame on the USA that Trump abandoned these people in favor of the Turkish after they helped defeat ISIS, every documentary I have seen they are kind loyal and peaceful but not docile and willing to fight against evil with everything they have, the documentaries on the YPG womens army units are really interesting as well I've never seen women fight so equal to men it's like they have an enlightened way of thinking, which surprised me, there is something about the people that feels good. Thanks for the documentary and love from the UK to the Kurds!

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