IRANIAN "DEATH to AMERICA" Flag Burning – Explained ????

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Death to America explained. MY IRAN VIDEOS Support my work here: …

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  1. nezam mir tabatabaie сказал:

    Dear Peter, my utmost respect goes to you who expressing the authentic truth of Iran as well as the Iranians. Unfortunately contrary to Islamic regim which has got nothing in common with most of the people of any ethnicity of this land, Iranians are generally amongst the most peaceful people on earth. Why, because of their greate history, ancient civilization, as well as rich culture and also the way of thinking about the life and the world so widely. It is noteworthy to mention that, Iran, like India is a sub-continent having hundreds various ethnicities, languges, races, religons, cultures, custom and etc… So one can expect anything and everything to happen and or to existe in such a vast land with so many varieties. The people coming from thousands of years ago and founded one of the greatest civilisations. Anyway, once again I want to thank you so much and wish you the best. Keep safe…

  2. Amir Massahi сказал:

    سلام پیتر
    من با دیدن ویدئو هایی که از ایران گرفتی و نظر خودت رو صادقانه گفتی در مورد ما مردم ایران خیلی خوشحالم امیدوارم روزی سیاست ها کنار رفته و دوستی های مردم جای حکومتهای سیاسی گونه را بگیره . دانستن حقیقت حق همه مردم است
    من از مشهد این پیام را برات ارسال میکنم وقتی نظرت را در مورد ما می گفتی خیلی انرژی گرفتم
    برای اون اتفاقی دزدی هم من خیلی ناراحت شدم ولی خیلی خوشم آمد که باز کارت رو با جدیت ادامه دادی????❤❤

  3. let's compute сказал:

    A simple worker in America gets at least 4000$ us over a single month. My father have been working 25 years in bank and he still receives 300$ per month.
    Imagine that Americans and the Iranians are both getting 4000$ per month American people can buy a new 2020 car for 40000$ but we have to pay over 150000$ us for a piece of shit car belonged to 20 years ago because the fuucking is government is making the whole world not to sell us no shit and yet you are saying that bullshit flag of America is part of Americans identity? I know a boy bugged for 2 weeks to his father for a fuucking ice cream! ((You didn't realize the whole thing in Iran because of hospitality of our people)) we don't hate any people round the world at all but the flag must be burned so it shakes trumps ass so he consider human rights for Iranians.
    Since trump came the price of literally everything gone 6 times more expensive!!!!!!! Six fuuuuuuucking times. Do American people see this and stay quiet?
    You have enough money to travel where ever you want!! In here people are starving because of your fuucking flag! I get out there and say down with America with pride (not with its people) you say American people have thought to keep the flag as their identity. They have thought wrong!!!
    I m not a governor and I m not bugging for some fuucking food on the streets!!! in America you can be with any girl at any time since you are 15 we are Muslims we don't fuuck around with anybody we want! We believe in marriage but that is not possible because nobody has enough money to buy a house! So we can't have communication with girls!!!! We can't jerk of ether because that is not allowed in our religion ether!!! What's allowed is marriage and that door is closed for us! We are starving in anyway you can imagine!!! We (specially I) don't hate American people at all, but if I get to America, first thing I would do is to burn that flag and shaft it inside the ass of anybody who count that shit as identity!(((((please read it all)))))

  4. shahilagh сказал:

    There is usually a small percentage of population who thinks deeply and has a critical mindset and is not fed by media. So I appreciate how you travel to less explored places because you think without having a prepared mindset from media or any other channel. It is refreshing to see ppl with such a mentality

  5. omid sedghi сказал:

    I'm Iranian The Iranian people have no problem with the American people, and we consider the American people to be our friends, but we have a problem with the US government, and we hate the US government because of irrational sanctions, and the US government is Iran's enemy. And the Iranian people, the American people, are our friends

  6. reza khan сказал:

    Thank you Peter. Your videos were great. but there is a fourth group that says death to America.
    Those who know things about US and Iran governments that the American people don't know.
    You talked about taking hostages. It is true that the Iran's regime has taken Americans hostage.
     but what the American people don't know is that the children of hostage-takers, now live in the United States! You may not believe it. In Iran, they have taken Americans hostage, and the US government has boycotted the Iranian people because of this, but the children of the hostage-takers are living in the United States! why does the US government have nothing to do with the hostage-takers themselves and their children, but sanctions the Iranian people? Because the hostage-takers take the money with them to the United States and invest there. The money they stole from the Iranian people. In Iran, they speak out against the United States, but they all have American green cards.The US government is lying to the Americans about the hostage crisis.
    Therefore, there is a fourth group that opposes both the Iranian government and the US government. And of course, that doesn't include the American people. Like many Iranians, some of them have been deceived by the government's lies. sorry for my bad English. Take care of yourself Peter. Next time you come to Iran, I would like to invite you to my house.

  7. Mohammad Shahriary сказал:

    thanks man Thanks for telling the truth. Down with America is not about your people is about your goverment that

    Oppression on the Iranian people
    . The people of our countries have no problem with each other. Best wish for our countries.

  8. amir esfandiary сказал:

    as an Iranian who is not rich and is in middle class of society i really Ok with sanctions… It's hard, but it's necessary… the world must stop Terrorist politicians of iran .. we live in hell and even war is better than living in this situation .. we want regime change .. me and so many people that i know support donald trump.. he is the best …

  9. Syed Haider сказал:

    Most honest views about Iran from a US citizen. War mongers and Regime change lovers will never let us have a peace with Iran because this hate propaganda helps to sustain military complex. From Henry Kissinger to John Bolton , they all committed crimes against humanity.

  10. Cyrus Peters сказал:

    Hi, I would like to thank you for the videos and the introduction of the Iranian people and part of their culture.
    It is very interesting to hear how an American judges Iran and the Iranians. As you mentioned, the Iranians like the Americans but unfortunately the US politicians always want to dictate everything else to the other countries, the American politicians talk about civilization but these are just words in fact they still think like in the days of the wild Western . If the US politicians talk on an equal footing, they will achieve more, but if they want to use the violent language, the others will not put up with everything and will defend themselves. I will not give up hope because at some point our poleticians will surely shake hands and there will be peace.
    Viva Iranians and Americans

  11. zahra p сказал:

    I am from Iran ??and I really love the American people and I have no enmity with them. I really love them and this is the truth, but most countries. Iran is considered dangerous and this is really bad

  12. Vlad7777 Tepes сказал:

    I am American and I've dealt with a lot of Iranians in Dubai. Wonderful people, those Iranians. Plus such wonderful food. Shame we have so much history to overcome. Hope to finally get my visa to visit Iran one day. Peter's videos and analysis seem to hit the spot. Well done, Peter.

  13. aminur Rahman сказал:

    American Gov't trying to destroy Iran for last forty years and if the Iranians people Express their anger against America Gov't by burning flags American calling them terrorists
    The truth is it's Zionists Israeli elites who control state department and they don't want any peace between America and Iran because they want war against Iran using paid politican and pundits

  14. Maliheh Nematiyan сказал:

    Yup. Everything was just right. Even that small percent of the people who burn other countries flag are just S̸T̸U̸P̸I̸T̸ !!those r the people who were raised in bad families. Now ,where that bad families came from?! Alright after Arabs ( Saudi Arabian people ) attack our country they forced and made iranian to be Muslim , woman must wear headscarves and a lotta other stupid thing that r happening right now here. It takes about 3 hundred years to make us Muslim. Yeah it’s exactly like that. Just can’t stop thinking how selfish Saudi can be. Love from iran to all the countries !(Britney Spears Army).

  15. Ali Mehndi Hasan Abidi сказал:

    I love Iran and the Iranian people. I wish they live a life filled with love and success. There’s no time for hate in this world. The USA should lift the sanctions of IRAN and stop peddling hate within the citizens of US against Iranians. This should stop!
    Long live Iran ?? ?? ?? ??

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