IRAN FOOD NIGHT ?? Delicious Local Homemade Persian Food

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Thanks for watching, Iran has been an absolutely unforgettable trip, one of my favourites of over 70 countries. Thank you to all the Iranian people who made it what it was and thank you to everyone who has watched my Iran videos, it means to world to me. Check out Nasrin & Hamid's Instagrams here:
    -Hamid's Instagram:
    -Nasrin's Instagram: 
    -My Instagram:

    See you in the next video, leave your guesses below of the country I will be heading to!

  2. Geo Kallacheril сказал:

    As an American I can say that my view on Iran has shifted completely. The media portrays them as a third world country stuck in an endless loop of war. Your visit completely changed what I believed about Iran. It is a place of diverse culture and hospitable people.

  3. Justin Case сказал:

    One day when I grow myself some balls, I am gonna travel across the middle east, hopefully stay off in different countries. I would love to experience working and living with the locals too that would be something else. Thanks for the eye opener . Top geezer

  4. Bobby Joe Henry сказал:

    I watched all your Iran videos. They show the beautiful, friendly people of Iran that have the unfortunate circumstance of living under a brutal, terrorist-funding regime that tortures people for speaking out politically and challenging the government in almost any way. I can see how friendly the ordinary people are, and that it's not dangerous in a lot of ways westerners think it is. At the same time, I don't think its wise for Americans to be travelling there for any reason until there's a total regime change. I think you have a good chance of being detained at the airport upon entrance to be taken hostage as a political prisoner. There are several different American hostages in Iran right now that have been there for many years. As much as I appreciate showing the good side (which the media never covers), it's also good to be realistic about the situation. This is NOT a safe country for Americans to be visiting because of the Ayatollah, not because of ordinary people.

  5. punipwni сказал:

    Great quality & production. I do not know if you realize the importance of what you are doing my friend, you are unifying humanity by showing our common things everywhere you go.
    Be blessed in all your journeys 🙂

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