Inside Venezuela's Millionaire Neighbourhood (Abandoned Mansions)

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Abandoned mansions, 5 star country clubs, boutique cafes – Yes, this is Venezuela… -My Instagram: -Music used in …

48 мыслей о “Inside Venezuela's Millionaire Neighbourhood (Abandoned Mansions)

  1. Franz Huber сказал:

    When the evil rich are gone, the fine poor people are free and prosperity will take over. As we can see. 🙂 The people who could leave have already left. The chance to have a big house is out there. It’s called capitalism.

  2. The Institution сказал:

    Communism at its best. Since 1917.
    Death, struggle and dread… most of it, but, there's also propaganda, snobbery, patronizing attitude and class struggle, not 2 but… 3.
    All the fucking things they wanted to overthrow! ❤

  3. TheYouthquaker сказал:

    I just discovered your channel (first binged the Nk videos) and I love your channel! I haven’t been able to travel the world for a while like I used to, but I can through your videos. Honestly the best travel channel I’ve come across.

  4. Matt Twinkletoes сказал:

    Have you considered using some more covert filming equipment? I know it's bad out there but so far your videos make it look no worse than south london. I suspect that this is because you just cant film the worst of it due to the high risk.

    You can get get half decent quality camera's that fit in a Pen or another small, every day object. Then you could whatever it was that put that horrified look on your face throughout this trip. Or perhaps it was the realisation that socialism really is evil?

  5. Mike Tran сказал:

    This is what happens when government tries too hard to implement socialist policies. They do this because they see that it works in Denmark. However, Denmark is very special and cannot be replicated. This would happen to the United States too if Bernie was in charge.

  6. Mind and body Muscle сказал:

    Going to post this. Venezuela's biggest problem is ONLY bothering with oil exports. Instead of a diversified market, it's oil oil oil and overly socislistic beliefs. Not like Denmark and Sweedens sociocapitslistic ways.
    If you suckers think a United States intervention is needed just remember what happened to Iraq lybia and Iran.
    Besides the lowered oil prices and the United States restrictions on trade, with tarrifs everywhere, it's a no brainier why part of the country is struggling.

  7. Dovey14 сказал:

    it is sad to see what happened to a nice poor country. I wonder when the country will get back to just being poor again? Just being poor seems so far away. Now they have nothing. Even when they were doing well, it was still a poor country.

  8. Ruben Rathgeber сказал:

    I was born in Venezuela and spent my childhood there. When I was 14 me and my family left. That's now 6 years ago and it breaks my heart to see my country in ruins. We had the privilege to go to europe and to have a decent life but seeing so many of my brothers and sisters living in these inhuman situations while some dirty bast*rds profit from this corrupt and evil system makes me sick.

  9. Bear McHoneypots сказал:

    Dude, I hate your vlogs. It’s 7am, I have heartburn, and ran out of groceries, and ALL YOU DO IS SHOW ME DELICIOUS FOOD! The favela soup kitchen made me hungry, and that saucy AF burrito/shwarma looking wrap is the last straw.

    Interesting videos, well edited, good camera presence, unsubbed.

    But seriously, it’s a tough watch. Every country outside of the US has such good street food. (NYC being an exception in the US) So every video is littered with such unique and interesting foods, and unlike US fare, I’m always hungry looking at it, cause it’s different, and not carbo-loaded, nor processed. I can watch people eat hot dogs and burgers and nachos and not give a fk, because it’s so heavy and bland. But some gyro or shish kebab that was cut off the shwarna a second ago, dripping in juices, the bright AF fruits and veggies, that are super fresh and grown locally, ughhhh.

  10. Racso Caasi сказал:

    The Demonic US government is expert in portraying false information in their demonic media. I dont see that many people dying of hunger there to me this is all bullshit. I know chavistas and opposition people that hang out and drink together laughing about the whole situation.

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