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A trip to Venezuela’s most dangerous neighborhood, AKA one of the most dangerous places on the planet… Donate to feed the kids here: …

23 мысли о “INSIDE VENEZUELA'S BIGGEST SLUM (Extremely Dangerous)

  1. The Institution сказал:

    Famous last words: ''Communism Works!''.
    They have the second biggest reserves of oil in the World and it's closer than you think with the first.
    Fuck's sake that shit with the kids lunch got me and i've seen some shit in my country but not at this point.
    One of the greatest anecdotes about what i call 'God's Paradox' in the modern times was Maradona's (although a horrible cunt), meeting the Pope! ⚡

  2. J V сказал:

    Um…..has anybody shown this to Bernie or AOC? Be very careful what you pray for. I remember in Jr. high school I had a Spanish teacher who was from Venezuela. She used to gush about what a wonderful place Venezuela was. How beautiful it was. Looks like the wrong folks gained power. I hope we’re not next. FEEL THE BERN!! But maybe it really should be BURN.

  3. Andre сказал:

    Insólito!! the comparison you just made with the all pretty and maintained church and the kid's dilapidated kitchen… made my heart sink in a dark hole. All for their church, nothing for the people. A total DISGRACE, and on top, they indoctrinate the small children to follow this madness by praying before their meals. SMH. Thank you so much for these videos, what amazing and eye-opening documentaries you have gifted us. ???✨

  4. John Mandaro сказал:

    S.JUAN 6:35 // JOHN 6:35 THAT IS SCRIPTURE…AMEN, Jesus said "I am the bread of life whoever comes to me will not go hungry and whoever believes in me will never go thirsty" Praise God, thank you Jesus, and in Jesus name we pray for the Venezuelan people that they may come to know him and find life in him and get out of the grips of this socialist agenda!

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