INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)

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So I decided to take a trip to Venezuela… -All my Venezuela Videos: -My …

24 мысли о “INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)

  1. shadowberetta сказал:

    They’re so broke that they can’t even pay their attendees so they can earn more money? I don’t think that’s entirely true, they’re probably not charging people because the majority of the people don’t have money to even pay for public transportation.

  2. Joseph and the World сказал:

    I enjoyed the video. I found the choice of trap music quite a strange, rather naive choice given the content being shown. It's just sad to see Caracas like this, so the paradox w/ the music choice was a bit odd. The shock-value news clips at the beginning are also unnecessary IMO.

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