INSIDE UKRAINE: MARIUPOL ?? (українські субтитри)

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Mariupol is a frontier-feeling Ukrainian city near the Russian border that is full of contradiction. Factories dominate the skyline to create an ecological mess but …

25 мыслей о “INSIDE UKRAINE: MARIUPOL ?? (українські субтитри)

  1. Mad Max сказал:

    Peter,is the first time that i write You,but i know You better than my brother cuz i saw every video You made. They where so heartouching to make me feel You are not a man but an Angel ! Will You ever go to Mykolayv,the person that i loved now lives there… will never met again i think…she loved her place…i hope You'll read that,thank You in advance…and just in case…tell me ? Greetings from a city which is in a country that is falling apart: Milan .

  2. Larry Wharff сказал:

    Peter I was born in 1943 and grew up in Pontiac Michigan with 5 GMs plants, my father and many of our friends fathers worked in the foundry, (Pontiac Motors) dad was supposed to retire at 57 but only made till his 56th birthday. Cancer got him and most of the others. Yet GM paid for everything and we had guaranteed jobs in the plants when we graduated from high school.. The town was rich then the town decided to really tax GM so they closed everything and tore them all down. Now the town has been bankrupt several times. I joint the Air Force and left and have never been back except to bury mom. Yes factories are dirty and they can be cleaned up and their is a cost for both options. Really enjoy the videos. I also lived in Saudi Arabia for 18 years. 3 Jeddah, 4 Riyadh, and 11 Dhahran 1984-2001

  3. victor rusin сказал:

    Canada's industrial heartland has similarities to this place. Being on the border with the USA where they have a nuc. waste dump from WW2 and the Former Love Canal chemical dump which drained into the Niagara River. The Birlington Bay harbour has a huge coal oil slug dump which they are planning to enclose in concrete. And the air in the summer can be quite bad.

  4. Polisha Longrina сказал:

    Thats something incredible.
    Это так необычно смотреть на свой город глазами иностранца. Я живу тут уже 19 лет и о некоторых местах я даже не знала. Рада, что тебе понравился город.
    Come again.

  5. Dim Tso сказал:

    Hello Peter Santenello…great video! The ethnic Ukrainians of Mariupol are beautiful people with their own story and you've heard it….the ethnic Russians of Donetsk are beautiful people with their own story…now it's time to go hear what they have to say. Sincerely DT

  6. odin сказал:

    Thanks Men! My Wife is from that City. You tell me in that 20 Minutes more about Mariupol than my Wife in all that 5Years ?
    Donetsk have no Airport, can u tell me how u got here and the Risk doing that?

  7. Сергей Юрьевич сказал:

    Никто Ахметова не нагибает за вредные выбросы завода и пока так будет продолжаться, люди и дальше будут страдать. А когда штрафы будут больше чем стоит поставить фильтры, то проблема экологии города быстро решится.

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