INSIDE UKRAINE: LVIV ??(українські субтитри)

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An epic journey into a surprising city, Lviv! I found Lviv to be a fantastic place to travel to, chill, and meet locals; I’ll show you why in this video. (українські …

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  1. Danny Urbisci сказал:

    As an American that lived in Europe for a few years, this was the most underrated city on the continent by far 🙂 The architecture, chill vibe, people, Arsenal ribs, craft beer in the old town.. its all great. Were you there in May 2019, Peter? I also went for a 3 day trip last May, and ended up living down the 8 tram line in the Santa Barbara neighborhood for a few months thereafter, haha.

  2. Regina Semenenko сказал:

    Thank you sooooo much for your honest and appreciative comments about my husband's birthplace! He came to live in the US 17 years ago and he really misses Ukraine. I so appreciate your character and integrity ads well. There are several Western youtubers who basically go to Ukraine for sexual tourism and they take advantage of this beautiful country. I hope to visit Ukraine one day with my husband! Thank you so very much for being so genuine!

  3. Carlos Gomez сказал:

    Man you have the same expression in your face than me when trying to describe Lviv, kind of in shocked and amazed, and you live in Ukraine. now imagine a Cuban guy that has been living in North Carolina for 20 years going for the first time to Ukraine, I only went to Lviv and I think I made a good choice, I am in love with that city and want to go live there a few months out of the year. It would be great to know what city in Ukraine is your favorite so far, I know you live in the capital but that doesn't necessarily means is your favorite. Greetings from North Carolina , keep making great videos

  4. Марія ' сказал:

    Lviv Ukrainean city
    Poland it occupied him
    Lviv was founded by Danylo Halytskyi
    Будь ласка, закрепіть цей коментарь, щоб всі поляки бачили, а то вони зараз збіжяться, і будуть говорити, що це "Польща"

  5. radi nikolov сказал:

    Ill tell you why there are no homless ppl in streets in almost all of Eastern Europe , its becose everybody have either small piece of land in some vilage or some small apartment, also streets are not infested with drugs and ppl with mental problems are under medical care.That shit you see in California streets is becose of drugs and higher rent prices even for some 1 bedroom apartment, weather also is great so all the homless ppl go there just to shoot heroin and sleep outside.

  6. Alberto Gozzini сказал:

    Impressive, great work, man. I found this video casually and I subscribed immediately to your channel. My girlfriend is from Lviv, it's a fantastic city, much better than many european capital cities, often overestimated cities. You said a crucial word: values. Ukrainians still have authentic and deep values, about family first of all, values that we western are loosing in last decades. I think you felt in the same way walking in those streets and talking with those people. Bravissimo. Ciao!

  7. Dim Tso сказал:

    let's remember that the Russians, not the Ukrainians, were the first victims of German Karl Marx communism and Stalinist purges who wasn't Russian, he was a Georgian national….Georgian, the very national group that the Ukrainian fascists love to include in their battalions to kill ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.

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